About Us

Northern Rockies Dual Sport Adventures is a family-owned and operated business with a base camp in Northern Idaho. The rustic cabin that serves as our base camp was built by Ryan and his grandfather. The land surrounding the cabin has been in the family for more than four generations. Ryan, Jill, and their children Emily and Matt, were all born and raised in Idaho. They have ridden extensively throughout Northern Idaho, Montana, Canada, Washington, and Oregon.

Ryan got his first motorcycle in the 4th grade. He mowed lawns, raised 4-H animals, and helped his dad's friends to raise money for bikes. He grew up on YZs and ITs, riding in the woods, and racing in his youth. He spent several years on street bikes and dirt bikes, and then, when his kids were old enough, got them into riding as well. He managed to combine his love of woods riding with street riding when he started dual sport riding on a regular basis. He has explored the Northwest on his motorcycle. There are few roads in the immediate area that he doesn't know about, and if he hears of some place new, it's not long before he's ridden on it. Ryan has also traveled to Baha to ride with High Desert Adventures, a sister company to Northern Rockies Dual Sport Adventures.

Like Ryan, Jill started riding motorcycles early, though not with the perseverance or intensity. Still, those early years made riding easier when she started again after they were married. Most vacations early in their marriage were centered around riding trips to Taenum or Christmas Hills or Buffalo Hump. For years, she rode a TTR 125, then more recently switched to XT250 (for mostly dirt), and a DR650 (for mostly pavement). She understands the difficulty women have in finding just the right bike in a sport that is dominantly male.

Emily got her first bike at 4 years old. She has always been a biker girl who wasn't afraid to get dirty. In her early years, she enjoyed the kiddie tracks on her JR50. She graduated from that to a TTR 90, then a 125. Recently, she got a Yamaha WR250F which she absolutely loves. Emily has had her motorcycle endorsement for 2 years, and she regularly takes rides with her dad.

Matt started driving Emily's electric jeep before he was two years old, and switched to two wheels as soon as his parents would let him. He started on a TTR 50 and loved to go to the kiddie track at Christmas Hills. He graduated from a 50 to a 110, then a 125, and now, at 15 and six feet tall, he rides a WR450F. In September, Matt will be old enough to get his motorcycle endorsement and finally ride on the highway.